In December 2020, we posted a call out for artwork produced as a result of the UK Covid-19 Lockdown, to be displayed in a small online exhibition.

We also collated the work produced in our digital workshops - Ink Inc & James Holt's Bandlab & Songwriting.

Click images to see full work and description.
Brian Ratcliffe
"My first painting is Life In Lock Down reflecting isolation in early lockdown.

The other painting is called Homophobia Is Pants and supports equality. "
David Butcher
"Warhorse" inspired by the show and also The Kelpies in Falkirk.

"Hut in the Woods" was my 1st on canvas using a palette knife
Georgie Stubbs
Portrait of my spine, through a fractured image. I have scoliosis, and over lockdown started to explore different ways of representing my 'imperfect' spine, and took inspiration from Maruyama Okyo's Cracked Ice- looking into ideas of perceived 'imperfection'

After lockdown was first eased in summer last year, we visited Chester, the City is full of history, memories, and offers a sense of escapism after weeks of lockdown. The view that stuck with me that day was of the clock, which stands on the bridge overseeing the high street, which was starting to get busy again after lockdown easing

Hollie Atkins
I am a photography student and created these collages as part of a small project. I really wanted to capture the hidden gems and historical architecture within Wigan town centre.
Jess Swift
I have created Ornamental Sculptures which represent children's shape-sorting toys. These are made to be appealing to children, while also being suitable for display in a home, exhibition or gallery.
Karen Thompson
This is my 'View through the window' oil pastel on paper. Empty garden which once was hustling and bustling with family and friends. A place of sanctuary.

Walking along the local canal as a 35th wedding anniversary celebration inspired me to create this artwork. It was a response to highlight the effect of water on mental wellbeing.
Martin Holden
The Lockdown Walks - two images taken on my daily walks in lockdown.
Richard Benbow
Watercolour studies responding to the landscape I encountered on walks during Lockdown.
Sally Hayes
Representing the other worldly and surreal feelings at the start of lockdown and mid lockdown.
Tina Finch
Bela and Blanche, Diptych, 28 x 38 cm, Acrylic on Paper, 2020.

Female faceless portraits representing faded memory, illness, strength. Protected by scarves worn for reasons of fashion, recognition, distinction, religion or modesty.
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"It has been a privilege to work with so many talented young writers from across the North, converging on Wigan to feed their imaginations and creativity." 

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