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This week, "Manchester's next big arena act"- Larkins stop by during their Take Off tour which is coming to The Old Courts on Thursday 29th November 2018. Click Here for tickets. We find out more about the band with the best hair in the business, including their influences, song making process and favourite songs to perform live.

Why don’t we start off with you introducing yourself to our readers, tell us a bit about who you are, where you’re from, what you do and what things you are passionate about?

We are Larkins, a four piece indie pop band based in Manchester. Other than our drummer Joe who is from Wigan, we grew up in a small countryside town just outside of Manchester called Glossop.

Where did you get your name Larkins from, is there a story behind it?

Josh and Dom saw a poster of the poet Phillip Larkin whilst studying English at College.

They say he looked like a mad guy in the photo and thought it would make a great name for the band.

What and who inspires your musical direction?

As individuals, our influences are all very varied but there are a few artists like Bon Iver, Foals and Everything Everything that we like as a collective. The new 1975 tunes are sounding mega as well, production-wise they seem to be taking it to another level.

Let’s talk lyrics, who comes up with the lyrics? Talk us through the process.

Josh is the main man behind the lyrics. I don't think there's ever a set pattern to any part of songwriting. I know for our songs Sugar Sweet and our latest single Something Beautiful Josh came up with the title first and a lot of the lyrical content before the music however, our single Wasted Years slowly developed during jamming in rehearsals so some of the melodies came first. The way we write can completely vary track to track.

There is a lot of indie bands saturating the music scene, especially in Manchester however you manage to stray away from the clichés and have a rather distinct sound. What do you think contributes to that?

Although it's a massive privilege to be surrounded by such a thriving music scene where you can really get absorbed in music 24/7, a lot of our current influences span further afield. Growing up in a very rural, relatively quiet area, we've always had this innate idea of bigger things and getting to that next level and I don't think that's changed now that we're in Manchester. We're constantly looking outwards rather than inwards. We've never been worried about having our own style and not following the crowd, we love our sound and, to an extent, don't mind if it doesn't fit into a certain bracket.

Let’s talk a bit about your previous work, What’s your favourite songs to perform?

Out of the singles we've released so far, Something Beautiful and Wasted Years stand out as songs that we all get excited for when we reach them in a set. We also have a song called Riverbed which we wrote years ago but never recorded that I think is probably our favourite song in general, not just to play live.

Your latest single Something Beautiful is fun and upbeat, certainly something you can dance to. It feels like it belongs on the playlists of all the trendiest shops and a great song to perform live. Can we expect a possible E.P following your Take Off Tour?

We're always working on new music, we've got a number of unrecorded tracks in our current set-list and are recording a new track as we speak! there'll definitely be something coming in 2019.

Manchester Evening News have described you as "Manchester’s next arena act", where would be your dream to perform?

For the past few years our dream venue in Manchester has been the Albert Hall and it's mad to think we'll be finishing our headline tour there. I also think that every band has the dream of working their way to a slot on The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

What does your usual Sunday look like?

At the moment our Sundays are usually very chilled as we are recovering from the dates on our tour that we've played that week. When we aren't on tour we usually have a long rehearsal that night and plan for the week ahead.

Is there anything you would like our readers to know?

We're right in the middle of our biggest tour yet! we have quite a few dates left until our final show at the Albert Hall in Manchester on March 2nd which is the biggest show we've ever done by a mile. We have some insane things planned which are really gonna set a tone for future shows so that is not one you wanna miss. Also we love chatting to fans on social media just about anything (as we're usually bored in the tour van) so drop us a line with any questions about the tour/new music and we'll have a chinwag.

You can find Larkins on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Don't forget to check their website for tour dates and merchandise as well as contact details.

Huge thank you to Larkins for taking part and we're excited to see more from the Manchester band.

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