Chelsea School of Art Fine Art graduate, Louise Garman creates uncompromising, experimental layered, multi-media images – drawings, photographs, silkscreens and solar plate etchings. Last July, in collaboration with Cross Street Arts and Leigh Film Society, we held a screening of Ken Loach's 'Kes' as Louise's #inspiredbyfilm choice. Louise had some of her work on display and told the packed audience how her work was inspired by the 60's British classic. "As you all know, art is a very solitary endeavour and as you will see Billy spends a lot of time alone, walking through woods and wandering round getting up to mischief, just like me.Billy finds his escape from reality and a bullying sibling by channelling these emotions into secretly training the kestrel and gaining some kind of self respect and hope. For him it is about creating a new reality and self expression.The link between Billy and myself or any creative person is the same." You can read the full recap here.

Louise contrasts opposites like ugliness and beauty, life and death, black and white, harsh and tender. Her art deals with abandoned and neglected secret places - the ageing Dungeness nuclear power station, the beautiful and brutal Saddleworth Moor, and the derelict side of Salford and Manchester. She wanders round these unwanted places, drawing, photographing, videoing and collecting forgotten items that have been tossed aside. She then juxtaposes and layers the images together, creating new displaced themes.

“During lockdown, I have created a home studio, rather than my permanent one at neo:artists in Bolton. I have currently been accepted for the Flourish Award at Yorkshire Print Workshops and have joined with another Europia artist through Castlefield associates in Manchester. Throughout this difficult time, Cross Street Arts in Standish have been supporting all their artists, both studio users and associates with themed subject matter which has been a great inspiration.”

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