Inspirational, Powerful, Moving - Woman On Fire Comes To Wigan

WOMAN ON FIRE is an original play that will take you into the fiery heart of one of the most dangerous women, in history. Ruthless terrorist or impassioned freedom fighter? This original, dynamic solo-performance lets you decide. We caught up with award-winning company Certain Curtain Theatre's John Woudberg and Claire Moore to find out more about the show.

Q: Can you summarise what Woman On Fire is about?

The fiery journey of one unsung northern suffragette from mild-mannered doctor’s wife to militant suffragette. A journey that will take you from Preston to Manchester - London to Glasgow and back. Discover the turbulent history of the suffrage movement through the eyes and life of unsung suffragette Mrs Edith Rigby. Q: What do you hope the audience will take from watching the show? A sense of joy, amazement, inspiration and pride in our Foremothers and what they achieved against all the odds and to consider the question - How far will you go for what you believe in? Q: Why should everyone come along to see Woman On Fire? Woman ON Fire isn’t just a play for women. It is a play that takes the audience into a moment of our shared history. Many men were involved in supporting the votes of women movement. It covers a period of our history that is lost to many of us. Woman ON Fire rekindles that history for a modern audience and unravels its complexities in its accessible compelling journey. Q: What inspired you to get involved with the show?

The centenary of women winning the right to vote was the inspiration behind writing this original play – and we wanted to focus on an unsung northern woman, to tell her story and that of the suffrage cause. Q: This show looks at the suffragette movement; do you think the suffragettes are relatable to a modern world audience?

Absolutely! Women make up 51% of the population but we still don’t have a 50/50 parliament in the UK. The tenacity of the suffragettes is something that we can all appreciate and aspire to. It’s easy to think that women of history led sheltered lives that everything was grey but this story shows us how brave these women really were and the sheer scale of the opposition they faced. These women didn’t give up they were colourful characters who risked everything for what they believed in. It’s a story of tenacity and hope and shows us what we can achieve when we combine forces. Q: Can you sum up the show in three words? Inspirational, Powerful, Moving. Woman On Fire will be performed in The Old Courts Theatre in an exclusive one night performance on Wednesday 8 April 2020. Tickets are available here.



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