We are excited to be joined by Will Hughes of local Wigan band, Pink Shirts For Pale People.

A lot of our readers will hopefully recognise you as you've played at The Old Courts a few times now but lets introduce you to those who aren't familiar with you and your band.

We’re a 4 piece band from around Wigan. We’ve been going for about a year in this line-up, but me and the lead guitarist (Ben) have been writing songs for about 4 years now. We were in the same form at school and bonded over The Smiths at first and then we started writing, not for a specific purpose but just because it was fun at the time. Me and the bassist jimmy have been friends for over 14 years now so when he started playing bass it felt like a natural decision to bring him in. Frankie and I met through mutual friends and when I found out he was a drummer I asked him to come and drum for us for an upcoming gig at the old courts and he’s been with us ever since, that was over a year ago now.

Lets talk about your music, what have you been up to?

We have played loads of great gigs over the past year, I think as a band we have started taking it a bit more seriously. We want to just keep gigging and releasing music for as long as we can; we are patient with it and want to take our time but we have lots of songs we want people to hear so I think we’re just finding that balance.

How would you describe Pink Shirts For Pale People's sound?

Imagine Michael Jackson, Ian Curtis and David Byrne having a fight in a car, we’d be the song that was playing in the background. This is something I always say as a joke to people when they ask but I think it sums us quite well. Whether we’re fuelling the fight or calming it I think we’re still working that out.