Acaprov will be performing twice at The Old Courts this October. We wanted to get to know them a little better before their visit! Have a read of the interview below and find out more about their upcoming events at the end. Why don't we start with you introducing yourselves?

Hi! We're an Improvised A Capella Musical Theatre Company based in London.

How did Acaprov come to exist?

Lee and Lisa (of London's split-narrative improvised musical : Multiverse) had a late night conversation in Edinburgh about the sound of voices in a capella harmony being 'the best sound in the world', and wondering if they could improvise whole musicals completely a capella. Lisa then applied for a Nursery Theatre Orginals grant and founded the group with Lee as Co-Director and Co-Producer in April 2018.

How long have you all been doing improv?

There are 20 of us, we have TopTrumps on Insta; but when we arrive in Wigan we'll have people with experience improvising from just one month to 10+ years! We train professional triple threats in improv, but we are also lucky enough to have improvisers from Hoopla, Monkey Toast, Second City, Free Association, The Oxford Imps, The Groundlings, and The Nursery

What is something you would say to someone who’s never had the pleasure of seeing an improvised musical or improv in general?

YOLO! Come and give it a go!

There's something very special about being there at the moment something is created on the spot, you either witness something truly amazing happen, or you're totally in on the in joke of it going very wrong in hilarious fashion! I don't think there's a more exciting improv show to watch, it's a white knuckle ride roller coaster, with a huge heart, and a seriously talented cast.