This week we are joined by lead singer of local band - Dirty Circus. Who's upcoming debut album has been a decade in the making.

Why don’t we start off with you introducing yourself to our readers,

tell us a bit about where you’re from, what you do?

Hi I’m Chris Binns from Ince, Wigan. I'm the lead singer of the band Dirty Circus.

Your debut album has been a decade in the making, why now?

I know it’s a pretty long time isn’t it?! Long story short(ish), we signed a record deal around late 2006 with Columbia (Sony BMG). We recorded the album around 2009 at the Motor Museum in Liverpool with Tristan Ivemy, who had produced and worked with bands such as The Holloways, Frank Turner and Towers of London, hoping to release the record later that year. However after we finished recording and before we had even had chance to get it mastered, we noticed that the label had started to cull some major artists. If you cast your mind back this was a time before the record industry had managed to work out a way to capitalise on streaming and downloads, we had a feeling our days were numbered and we finally cut loose from our deal with the agreement we owned all our recordings at the back end of 2009, the only problem being we didn’t have a hard copy of the complete album as it was still being worked on. We carried on gigging for another 18 months or so then decided to go our own ways and kind of forgot we had a record sitting on a hard drive somewhere.

Fast forward 8 years or so, after not seeing each other for so long, four members of the original six met up at Stevie’s wedding and we decided to play some gigs almost as a belated goodbye to Dirty Circus. They were a huge success and what was meant to be a goodbye turned into a rebirth. This then turned out to be the catalyst to us deciding to try and track down the long lost record. We finally managed to get hold of the record around 6 months ago, it got sent it to be mastered, and when it came back it sounded Huge, so we decided to get it out there. It feels like we are finally exercising our demons, all I ask is for people turn the pretentious switch off for half an hour and take the album for what it is trust me you’ll enjoy it. After what we did with this band when we were 20’s we almost owe it our to ourselves and all the people who came to watch us back us in the day.

As well as this album, have you been working on any new material?

Yeah that was pretty important, after we did the first concert at The Old Courts and we decided to carry on we were all under the agreement we needed to write new material, we were conscious that the songs we had already where written a long time ago and we are a band who have always tried to channel different genres and new music.

Have you noticed a change in the last ten years with your musical direction?

Yes and no we all have the same pot of root influences but as the years has past we developed completely different tastes and this comes across in our new songs which sound really fresh but ultimately still sound like Dirty Circus.

What influences or who influences your work?

Wow! what a question well as I said before our core influences are all the same Oasis, Happy Mondays, The Verve, Stone Roses and a lot of House Music but as the years has past we’ve all started to listen to different things, in all honesty I can’t remember the last time I listened to any guitar music. I love music with energy and aggression and a certain arrogance, guitar bands don’t really have that anymore I listen to a lot of new hip hop Grime, Dance hall and low-key house music even a bit of afrobeat you can here it in our new songs mainly in the rhythms.

Will you be accompanying the album with a tour?

There is no plans for a tour yet we’ve got a few dates in the calendar and hoping to get some kind of launch party maybe at the beginning of next year.

Do you have any upcoming projects or things you would like to do?

We’ve began recording some of the new tracks so Going to look at putting them out at some point next year, we are also working on some remixes for other artists hopefully we’ll have more on that soon.

What are your views on the music scene in Wigan?

Wigan’s a weird place on the surface it’s the kind of place that just gets dismissed as another satellite town however I’ve seen how creative it can be first hand in the early to mid 00’s it was a hotbed of bands, which is partly down to Dylan and Sean who created an environment with their club nights that bands had chance to thrive on, there was so many great bands that existed in that period The Suzuki’s, The Layne, Dead shores, Moco, Blue Vinyl, Filthy romance the list goes on and on, I remember the NME had an article focusing on the Wigan scene, amazing thing was none of these bands sounded the same, but we were all pushing in the right direction. I really don’t see that now it feels like it’s gone a little quiet, maybe I’m not meant to see it I’m hardly the youth anymore. what I will say is what Jonny and Becky are creating with The Old Courts and the Royal Court Theatre is giving Wigan talent a real platform to get themselves heard and get the town fully back on the map maybe even get us back to those Halcyon days.

What is your fondest memory of The Old Courts?

We’ve played there a couple of times now but my best memory has to be playing in the Grand Vault for our first concert back after 8 years. it was packed to the rafters and went off!! Sitting in the green room getting ready to go on was a buzz! I told Jonny at the time "The Old Courts is one of the main reasons we got back together", once I had seen that he had opened such a great venue in Wigan I had to play, it’s honestly one of the best things that’s happened to Wigan in the last 20 years and long may it continue.

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