We are lucky to be joined with the amazing Guess Two who have recently hosted A Choir in a Day workshop at The Old Courts during the Wigan Arts Festival.

Hello Guess Two, why don’t we start off with you introducing yourself to our readers, tell us a bit about where you’re from, what you do and what things you are passionate about?

We're Lauren and Tom (aka Guess Two) - a brother and sister vocal duo from good old Whelley in Wigan. We're very lucky that our job aside from singing is one just as creative as we're both actors; Lauren a working professional and I'm in my final year of training at drama school.

We're passionate about a lot of things surrounding the arts and Lauren is especially passionate about her radio drama production company Bamalam Productions which provides a platform and a vehicle for new, creative talent. We definitely share a passion and love for music and creating music as Guess Two and also as our new skiffle band - The Gestures.

Tell us a little bit about your previous work?

A few years back we both used to work in our local labour club which was an experience! I think we both found it really useful because every Friday and Saturday we could watch the acts on stage and figure out what worked and what didn't! By the way... A large inflatable motorcycle definitely works and refusing to give and encore doesn't!

We left the club when we got offered the chance to be the resident singers at our local Italian restaurant Papa Luigis- we're there every Friday (wink wink nudge nudge... we'll see you there!).

What influences or who influences your work?

Whenever we begin singing at a new venue people always seem to be shocked at the kind of music we have in our repertoire. But having grown up to artists such as; The Beatles, The Drifters, The Everly's, Gilbert O'Sullivan to name a few, I don't think people expect a 20 and 22 year old to know most of their songs! We love music from the 60's and 70's and as a duo we often sing in quite close harmonies so voices like Simon and Garfunkel and The Everly Brothers especially have definitely influenced our style. I think knowing and loving songs from these eras has also really helped when we play with our skiffle band!

Do you have any upcoming projects or things you would like to do?

Last weekend we lead a Choir In A Day Workshop at The Courts and it was amazing! So we're both really keen to make that a recurring event and hopefully down the line, maybe even run "The Old Courts Choir"! That's a dream of ours. As musicians, we have lots of gigs in the pipeline and that keeps us busy every weekend as Guess Two and as The Gestures.

What are your views on art culture in Wigan?

Most people don't even know that there's a drama school in Wigan, that in 2017 was voted 4th in the country! So as actors we can see that there's a massive bank of creatives living and working here and it's amazing to see on a daily basis and we only wish more people knew... So go and google ALRA North and book tickets for their next show! There's so much history in Wigan like the Pier and Trencherfield Mill and through the arts these buildings and Wigan's history can be retold again and again. We're passionate about Arts in Wigan!

What is your fondest memory of The Old Courts?

Fondest memory has to be running our Choir In A Day Workshop, it was just the best day ever! We taught three songs; All I Have To Do Is Dream, Super Trouper and Bridge Over Troubled Water and our choir sounded unbelievable.

Is there anything you would like our readers to know?

As we mentioned before we sing at Papa Luigis, it's a great night with an amazing atmosphere, food and they have pink gin! It would be great to see you there!

Don't forget you can find Guess Two and The Gestures on Facebook by clicking here and here

Huge thank you to Lauren & Tom for taking part and we're excited to see more from the duo and involvement at The Old Courts.