Tell us a little bit about your previous work?

I’ve been writing and performing improv for about 10 years starting in New Zealand. For the past four years I’ve been teaching, gigging and training in Manchester, Wigan and Liverpool.

What influences your work?

I grew up loving musical comedy, story telling comics and sketch. Most of what I read is from Chicago’s IO, Second City and UCB. I have a battered old copy of Theatresports Down Under by Lyn Pierse that I will still look through from time to time. I love TJ and Dave, Middleditch and Schwartz, Tom Lehrer, Peter Brown and London improvisors Katy Schutte, Maria Peters and Cariad Lloyd. It’s worth mentioning that our bashful company manager Ian Hayles has taught me something new every time I improvise with him.

Do you have any upcoming projects or things you would like to do?

I work with a company called Impropriety and we perform and run open improv sessions and classes in Liverpool. Our next gig is the 17th of March at Hope Street Theatre. Casino We done open improv sessions for anyone to come and have a go which will hopefully be starting these back up in the coming months. We’re also working on a long form show and a podcast which will all be announced on our medias social.

What does your usual Sunday look like?

I try to get a bit of writing done, mainly for children’s books. Like most freelance work it will generally be abandoned for an invitation for a pint or board game. I might try to cook a roast if I’m feeling jolly. I don’t know what these other dicks do.

What are your views on the arts scene in Wigan?

It’s growing in a nice way. The Bailiff Bar is turning into a really nice little incubator for people who come for a drink and stay for the art. I love comedy, poetry and spoken word and am in awe of the people who can be truly vulnerable in front of a room full of civilians.

Tell us a little bit about your previous work?

As a company we’ve grown from short form games, very much like that of whose line is it anyway. We’ve since starting doing slightly more genre specific and long form concept performances. Most of my personal work focuses on character development and story telling. Most of the company have participated in the Liverpool Improvathon in which character and plot are sustained for 33.5 straight hours of directed improv. Like most improvisors, we’ll all have a lot of freelance projects going on, Pete does a magnificent puppet act with Pico the Sponge, Becky has years of circus training, Alexi and Jacob are ALRA trained actors, Louise is a working poet and Ian has been writing and performing for whatever unit of time measures magic.

You can see Casino Improv in the Bailiff Bar every 3rd Thursday of the month and at the Bailaugh events. Have a look at our What's On page for more info :)