Why don't we start with introducing yourself to our readers.

We are Red Rum Club from Liverpool. We are a sextet band playing what we like to call Scouse Americana. We’ve Been doing this as Red Rum Club for 3 Years but we have played in bands together and with other people since we were about 12/13. The highlight so far was either playing a sold out show in Liverpool to 1,200 people or releasing our debut album ‘Matador’ on 11/01/19.

What inspired your debut album Matador?

A lot of different things, relationships, friendships, nights out, arguments and observations about things that have happened to us. The usual debut album inspirations really.

You formed back in 2016, since then you've done a lot of touring, has audience's reaction to songs influenced the direction of newer material?

Sometimes it has. When your out gigging and your trying to win a crowd then you realise what work best in a song to win them over. We are quite upbeat and in your face in the nice way anyway, but that seems to get the crowd going so that does have an influence on songs that might work live. Sometimes it’s just about the song or the melody itself, if that’s good enough then it has to go in the set.

Talk us through your music magic making process?

It was a lot different in the earlier days, we would all sit together in a room and start to write and come up with a melody or guitar/drum part and go from there or even a lyric would start things. It got to the point where Tom our guitarist became the driving force behind the song writing and a lot would come from him, whether it was an idea or part he had, or whether it was a full song he had finished and we would just put the final pieces of our own parts together.

What is your favourite song to perform live?

It’s all different, it tends to always be the newest though.

Favourite band/tour memory?

Simon died on the way to London. Tom pissed himself in Glasgow. Neil nearly got arrested for having a policeman’s baton in Seoul. Let the public decide which sounds the best.


What part of being in a band do you value most?

The ability to travel round to new places and experience different cities and just play in front of people who appreciate your music. That’s invaluable.

If you could give your new album to anyone who would you give it to and why?

Quentin Tarantino because we sound like we should be on his films. So either him or Mike Dean the premier league ref.

Who are you currently listening to?

The sweet sweet hold music of Santander bank.

What does your usual Sunday look like?

One big gravy soaked Yorkshire pudding that’s suffering with a hangover while watching the footy.

What's next for Red Rum Club?

We are currently touring the UK in March. All dates and tickets are available on our social media. Mike will be doing tarot card readings after the show for a very spicy price. We would like to tour Europe And America. America would be incredible for us we think we would go down a treat there.

You can see Red Rum Club live at The Old Courts on Friday 22nd March in The Grand Vault.