We've been chatting to some great local musicians in a campaign to get more people supporting local original music. Here's 5 minutes with DEAFDEAFDEAF.

Who are you?

We’re DEAFDEAFDEAF, a band from a few different bits of the north west but mostly Leigh.

What 3 words best describe your sound?

We’re bad at this so this is what other people describe us as:

Abrasive, Coarse and Noisy

How does being from Wigan/the North West influence your music?

Us being from the north west definitely gives us a different perspective. We don't live the same lives as say a band in a big city, there's a certain grimness about where we’re from and I think it comes through in our sound, a lot of our music is somewhat bleak and aggressive, there's a lot of frustration built up being from small towns where your only career options are working a manual labour job, working in an office or playing rugby. Any sort of ‘art’ is almost unheard of in Leigh.

What role do you think music plays in society?