We're grateful and excited to announce that we've been awarded a one off capital grant from The Clothworkers' Foundation.

The Clothworkers’ Foundation's primary aim is to improve the lives of people and communities, particularly those facing disadvantage, deprivation and/or discrimination. The money we have been awarded is for IT equipment and support for our Community Response Programme (running the phonelines and coordinating volunteers for the food parcels).

More specifically, the grant will go directly towards ensuring that our volunteers and systems can handle increasing demand. It will support additional software licenses, laptops, an additional telephone number, and costs relating to a text message alert system for the next three months.

As it becomes more evident that there is no short-term solution to the Covid-19 crisis, their support will mean that this effective community response effort can be a long term one. It will mean that we can continue to calm people with anxiety who are calling us every day with a new panic. It will mean that we can be there for older people who have no one else to talk to. It will mean that Wigan will come out of this crisis safer and better connected. Thank you, The Clothworkers' Foundation.