Lee is part of the welfare call team and makes many weekly phone calls to residents – a lot of them over an hour long. Here's how he's found the experience so far. During the pandemic, your role as a volunteer has had an enormous, positive, direct impact on our community, what do you think it has meant to you?

It’s made me grateful to be able to help vulnerable people by being ‘just on the other end of the phone’ to listen when they needed someone to talk to. I’ve also made a couple of friends out of this and are planning to meet up for tea/coffee once all this is over.

Have you had any stand out moments during your time volunteering over the last couple of months?

I helped out one of my welfare gentlemen to switch phone providers as he was wanting a new contract and didn’t understand all the options that were available to him. Also helping him with his food parcel that was cancelled for no reason.

Prior to Covid-19, what was your experience of volunteering?

Not much really, but it’s always something I wanted to do, but whilst working it’d hard to fit it all in sometimes, so whilst I have been on furlough it’s been the ideal opportunity.

If others in our community are considering volunteering, what are the best reasons to recommend it?

The satisfaction of helping others is the biggest reward, if it ever becomes available to volunteer for things like this, I would say do it 100%, knowing you’re helping vulnerable people is the biggest reward ever. Thank you Lee!