"Watching Goldfish Suffocate is not only a brutally honest depiction of mental health that has never been seen, it is a story of how the unconditional bond of love can lead one to the road of recovery."

We caught up with local actor, writer and film maker David Degiorgio to find out more about the upcoming film adaptation of his play, "Watching Goldfish Suffocate". Hi David, please introduce yourself My names is David Degiorgio, I’m 38 years of age and am from the lovely town Wigan! By day I work at the local Total Fitness Leisure Centre and at night I try and moonlight as actor. Bit like Joey from friends only not as talented! For anyone who isn’t sure, can you tell us what “Watching Goldfish Suffocate” is about? I've written the sypnosis below - just to add, it was originally a stage show before it moved into the feature film stages. Oh and when ya read the name Dave, it’s really me, as I not only wrote it but also star in it……. Watching Goldfish Suffocate is the true story of David, a man whose undiagnosed mental health (bipolar) spirals out of control, without him or his loved ones ever suspecting it possible to happen to a guy of his character. Whilst hiding dark stages of depression as just one off incidents, he begins to snowball into a realm of psychosis, where the explainable laws of reason are soon welcomed with open arms. Believing he has been chosen by a higher power David sets out on a journey of high stakes grandiosity, that soon turns into the destruction of his and his loved ones lives. Will David accept his slip on reality from his sisters strong will or will he succumb to being just another notch on the life taking illness chart? Watching Goldfish Suffocate is not only a brutally honest depiction of mental health that has never been seen, it is a story of how the unconditional bond of love can lead one to the road of recovery. During promotion of the play, David has used imagery of Barry Manilow and Wile E. Coyote as they are metaphors of not giving up when times are bad.

So, you previously brought your play to The Old Courts back in 2017. How did you find that experience? Erm, it was pretty sweet experience tbh! At that point the play had made good ground and its title was finally being noted as something connected to mental health and not a comedy as many thought when hearing it. Doing the show is always a great opportunity to spread the word on how sever the illness can get. I like to think that its story is unapologetic and extremely raw, we don’t pull any punches, and being honest about my own experiences really has shown that it gets others talking about theirs, and I’m all for that. Also it was at The Old Courts performance that I was approached by producers who wanted to turn the story into a feature film, which was amazing when I think back on it. I remember being at the bar afterwards, chatting with them, and though I was trying to play it cool, in my head I was like ‘PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE IT INTO A FILM!’ Sadly like many films, that move forward saw us falling at the final hurdle, but after picking myself up, I did something that I'm often asked not to do, and that’s think! I couldn’t get the idea out my head and because of that chance moment at The Old Courts, I’m soon going to start filming. Happy Days! You’re currently adapting the play into a film, how has the process been so far? Though I may have babbled a bit too much in last question, already answering this, I can say the process has been an absolutely amazing experience. People who know me well enough know that I’m obsessed with film, always have been from a very early age. In fact my brothers nick named me Barry Norman and whenever I’d done something wrong, as a punishment I was sent outside to play, away from my VHS player! Its also a nerve wracking experience, because for me, I truly believe the film could do some good in so many ways. However connected to that is a constant self doubt! I really want this to be something special for everyone to experience but throughout the process so far there’s always those thoughts of ‘is the script right? Am gonna be able to give the type of performance needed? Have I done everything needed so far?’ and on and on the thoughts go. And if anyone thinks I’m being too hard on myself then ill ask them read the synopsis again! But joking aside, I’ve got an incredible team working on this with me so far, which is enough to push me through the difficult times! BRING IT ON I SAY!!!! How has the casting process been? Are you still looking for certain roles to be cast? We are in the early stages of casting, at the mo we are looking for our two leading ladies and the response has been fantastic so fingers crossed there. Next we will be looking at the other more prominent roles, and since I have changed my job description in the film to be working at The Old Courts, this will mean we I need to find actors to play the real life Dave, Bec and Johnny, who run the building! Though I am worried about finding someone to play Johnny my old school mate, might have go scouting in Harrys Bar! Also we are gonna be needing extras, some with speaking roles and thanks to The Old Courts, once lock-down is over, I am going to do an open audition that I’m calling ‘A SEARCH FOR A WIGAN INDIE FILM STAR!’ I’ve always believed in the phrase ‘untouched talent’ and truly believe that out in our great town there are people who could be perfect for smaller roles, maybe even one of the big ones, who knows! I’ve already cast my mate Chunk in one role and he’s never done any acting before, I just know he’ll deliver on the day the way I need him too, so keep a look out for that my fellow Wiganers, maybe introduce yourself before hand and email me at We’re really looking forward to welcoming you back to The Old Courts for the filming, see you soon! You can stay up to date with the project by following @watchinggoldfishsuffocate on Instagram and @watchinggoldfishsuffocate on Facebook.

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