Hi! We’re the Noise Next Door and we’re from Brighton! (Audience woop and cheer) Or... We are Tom, Sam, Matt and Robin and we’re from all over the place. (Audience mutters in confusion) Do we need to go to our Graham for a quick recap? How did The Noise Next Door start? We met at university many years ago where we all studied useless subjects like drama and film. In our spare time we started teaching ourselves improvisation... Which led to occasional shows at student bars... Which led to occasional shows at regular bars. The first time someone offered to actually pay us to do a show was the moment we realised we might be able to take this a little further. What got you all interested in Improv? Initially we fell for improv by watching old episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway on YouTube. It seemed chaotic and clever at the same time - and that really excited us. The great thing about improv comedy is that there are things that appeal to everyone. As such, different things drew each of us in further. Matt loves the outrageous characters, Robin likes the chance for physical comedy, Sam is a fan of the world-play, and Tom enjoys the story telling elements. How would you describe an Improv show to someone who has never been to one? The improv show essentials: The performers ask the audience for suggestions, then the performers turn those suggestions into funny scenes, songs and jokes. And we... Are really good at it. We saw you were in Manchester for NYE. What did you like about it and have you visited Wigan before? We were! We love performing in the north west. The audiences are so warm and always up for a laugh. But we’ve never been to Wigan! We are very much looking forward to it. Where can people see you in 2020? Wigan. Let’s focus on Wigan. We’re also on tour for the whole year, all over the country. But that’s less important than Wigan. Finally, what will the people of Wigan and beyond get from your show at The Old Courts? They can expect to laugh. There’s no big message, we’re not trying to tackle the big issues. It’s jokes. We just want to give people an evening to escape into laughter. Thanks! No, no... Thank you. See The Noise Next Door perform at The Old Courts Theatre on Wednesday 4th March 2020. Tickets available here #improv #improvcomedy #wiganimprov #theatre #liveentertainment #comedy

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