We've been chatting to some great local musicians in a campaign to get more people supporting local original music. Here's 5 minutes with DEAFDEAFDEAF. Who are you? We’re DEAFDEAFDEAF, a band from a few different bits of the north west but mostly Leigh. What 3 words best describe your sound? We’re bad at this so this is what other people describe us as: Abrasive, Coarse and Noisy How does being from Wigan/the North West influence your music? Us being from the north west definitely gives us a different perspective. We don't live the same lives as say a band in a big city, there's a certain grimness about where we’re from and I think it comes through in our sound, a lot of our music is somewhat bleak and aggressive, there's a lot of frustration built up being from small towns where your only career options are working a manual labour job, working in an office or playing rugby. Any sort of ‘art’ is almost unheard of in Leigh. What role do you think music plays in society? Music plays a huge part in society, music’s literally everywhere it has the ability to do so much to people and a lot of music goes hand in hand with the rest of society. Musicians affect fashion with what they wear, music brings awareness to social issues and so on. I think we’re seeing more and more punk and aggressively opinionated music these days, it’s not really a surprise with the bleakness of the last say 5 years. So yeah music plays quite a few roles in society with the ability to change culture or sometimes it just acts as an escape for some people, depends what you’re into. If you could a magic wand, how would you change the music industry? Probably get people to buy more records than resort to streaming services. Also get rid of the many odd characters who use their position as a reputable musician to manipulate...there's a lot out there.

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