Vile Assembly are a band for the people. Their music is original, powerful, and packed full of important messages that span from homelessness to mental illness. They exist to tackle social injustices – music is the catalyst to spur real change in the world. 

We’ve compiled a list of some things that you may not already know about the band. Here goes:


1. The band was created following a fortuitous meeting between three lifelong friends in a New York café, who decided that enough was enough and the troubles of the world needed to be voiced.


2. Although the friends, Paul Mason, Mark Webb and Mark Wainwright, had owned a music studio in Liverpool for two-decades, they’d never even contemplated making music of their own until that fateful day, until the avid conversation between them spurred on the conception of The Vile Assembly.


3. A vocation to be a poet, Paul Mason (the band’s lyricist and vocalist) found everything that happened in the world as vile. Out of choice, he opted to live on the streets of Liverpool for a month so that he could experience destitution first hand. With no gap or respite, he repeated the experience in San Diego. The result was horrendous, but he inspired a batch of poems, the main being ‘The Lonely Tramp In Liverpool’.

4. The seeds of The Vile Assembly’s ethos were planted over two decades ago, but lay dormant, waiting for the right time and agenda for their opinions to find a voice.


5. The Vile Assembly supported The Damned in 2018. Rock on!


6. They have also performed with China Crisis (Signature Live Sessions) where all donations went towards The Cotton Street Project, an initiative set up to help the City’s homeless.


7. Interestingly, they also released their album internationally but instead of selling it, they specified that you had to take a picture of yourself gifting the equivalent value to a homeless person. On receipt of the photo, the band sent the donor a free album. This happened on over 7000 occasions so it’s quite a story. 

This was done through a number of American magazine articles, they sent out all the copies from there readers who sent in photos

Our songs got major radio play through the world, American radio has championed the band and the songs, Sirius XM playlisted Division If Labour, Sirius XM in the US has 37 million listeners, Suicide Feast travelled the world on its own being played across radio throughout France, Germany, Italy, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Across South America, USA and Canada, the song has travelled organically being passed from radio DJ to radio DJ, it has had over 250000 plays from demo to release. 


8. Suicide Feast turned up on BBC6 music Tom Robinson’s show him saying “ Suicide Feast is musical intent you just can’t fake, as soon as I heard it I said yes I’ve absolutely got to play this, I don’t know anything about them but they are what’s needed today.


9. demo version of Last Century Man found its way to Canadian  radio and ended up getting played on all major stations in Canada, we don’t know how they got this copy because when we recorded it we didn’t have a name for the band so we headed the demo with Strangle Wank Club, that still is getting play now on Canadian radio as a band called Strangle Wank Club.


10. Their first ever live show was a charity show for destitute children in Paris.

BONUS FACT: We played the biggest festival in the world in Poland called Pol And Rock, Glastonbury has 170000 attendees, Pol And Rock has 625000







Thank you to the Vile Assembly for providing the information used in this feature.


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