Andee Collard 


Andee Collard a visual artist based in Bolton. He is interested in making art everyday and has several ongoing projects; he made daily drawings for 4 years and has been taking a self portrait everyday for the last 11 years.

Andee’s current practice uses CNC machines to make analogue paintings and drawings. His practice is a hybrid approach that combines aspects of painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, design, coding, engineering, writing and education. The mash up and the cross pollination of ideas and techniques is important to him. Collard works across media, processes and genres. Andee co-runs Bolton Contemporary running socially engaged workshops for people with additional access needs.

“For the Streets Apart project I have been given the opportunity to develop a new painting machine to capture the grandeur of King Street. Almost every building on King Street is listed and has a storied history. I’m interested in how Modern Art has been influenced by technology. Work that we now define as Impressionism owes much to the advent of photography, industrial produced art materials and the burgeoning middle-class. My custom French box easel rethinks Impressionism through the lens of the twenty first century. To make my analog paintings en plein air I use a combination of processes and techniques to control the machine. The resulting paintings appear organic and handmade but with an uncanny precision. Working in the street, talking to the public about the project has been a real pleasure”