The Old Courts champions local grassroots musicians, as well as other emerging musical artists, giving them a platform to take their first steps into the larger music industry.

What is Friday Night Live?

Friday Night Live is an event hosted at The Old Courts in which we provide a professional platform for local musicians, as well as musicians from further afield.

The event offers the chance for local up and coming bands to rub shoulders and share the spotlight with more established musicians, giving them the opportunity to network and gain great insight into the music industry.

Every Friday Night Live is different, with an eclectic mix of musical styles. It attracts ever more diverse crowds from all corners of our community, with no restriction on generation or background. Friday Night Live is an exhilarating event for everyone involved and The Old Courts encourages an open and inclusive philosophy, supporting all kinds of tastes and ranges of talent.

How do we support emerging local musical artists?

The Old Courts supports the local music scene by providing a venue in which local talent can showcase their passion and skills. We also provide marketing for the artists, promoting them on our online and offline channels. We use our marketing skills and experience to help spread the word about these emerging artists, providing them with an invaluable service. By offering this support, The Old Courts helps the bands to build an audience and a fan base, ensuring that as they grow and move through the industry, they have reliable attendance at their shows.

Local band, The Lathums are a great example of a band who have enjoyed tremendous success having played Friday Night Live three times in the past. The band recently played at Kendal Calling, a popular annual festival held in the Lake District. They were handpicked by Charlatans front man, Tim Burgess. They are also on the billing for the Bingley Weekender another high profile gig for this talented local band.

Friday Night Live is a vital resource to help emerging local artists create, as well as engaging the local community and by doing so, inspire them to discover new music and artistic styles.