Assistant Director

Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) and The Old Courts are seeking an Assistant Director to develop Hi! Street Fest in Wigan

Hi! Street Fest is a landmark nation-wide commission by Historic England in partnership with Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) taking the form of street parties and carnival celebrations on six high streets across England in summer 2023. EEA will bring their unique brand of unforgettable events and participatory experiences as each place welcomes a special visitor to their high street. Taking the form of street parties and parades, bringing a touch of carnival to each town and city, local people will come together to stage performances that let culture and creativity loose. Hi! Street Fest is an ambitious collaboration project spanning two years with the aim to bring life and vibrancy back to the high streets in six locations across England.

We are seeking an Assistant Director to work with EEA and The Old Courts to lead the creative response and produce Hi! Street Fest for Wigan, working with local creatives and community groups. In Wigan, Hi! Street Fest will be taking place on and around King Street on 7th – 9th July 2023.

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