Bunker of Zion Births New Opportunities

Lizzie Murphy

We welcomed Lizzie to our team in her role as Stage Manager for Bunker of Zion, which made an impact last month when presented at Wigan Pier. Lizzie was responsible for all things backstage, supporting the artists, cast members and wider production team.

Lizzie is a recent Technical Theatre Studies Graduate. For many of those hoping to break into the world of theatre, the impact of Covid-19 has resulted in a lack of practical opportunities which are essential to career progression.

“It was a real struggle for me to gain hands-on experience with theatre shows coming to a halt. I found myself facing rejection from many organisations with very few of them actually bridging the gap between experience and employment” – Lizzie Murphy.

As of this month, we’re thrilled to have welcomed Lizzie permanently as part of The Old Courts Production Team.

Farai Nhakaniso

Farai Nhakaniso is the Co-founder and Lead Project Co-ordinator for Everything Human Rights. Farai initially became involved with the project to work alongside Wigan-Based artists and community members to develop a creative response to Bunker of Zion.

Farai and other members of Everything Human Rights were cast as Associate Artists for the Wigan Pier shows, with each show of the tour casting different Associate Artists at each location.

The tour is now well underway, having just performed in Torbay and preparing for an upcoming show in Peterborough. After the Wigan Pier performance, Farai was invited to be a fixed member of the cast meaning that he would tour with the show.

“No-one can take away the excitement that I have, when thinking about the fact that I’m touring with the show, as a member of the ensemble. I love the country of my birth, Zimbabwe, and this show has given me the opportunity to share country across the UK through music, dance and storytelling. I am looking forward to working with the Associate Artists. I have told John, that I am going to be a sponge, I am so eager to learn from him and the wider team” – Farai Nhakaniso