Help Us Fix The Old Courts

Help us Fix The Old Courts

In 2023 we discovered catastrophic structural damage in our Theatre which we later found out was caused by construction work carried out by a third party in 2021.

The damage meant our Theatre and Grand Vault were forced to close, just months after reopening following the pandemic and a refurbishment.

We were finally getting back on our feet, planning exciting projects and future events when it all came to a halt.

We’ve managed to survive this far but we need to act now to try and get our venues repaired.

Despite the fact that we were fully insured, our insurers deemed the damage to be caused by negligent practise on the part of the contractor. This means that we are having to pursue the construction company in court and have not yet received a single penny towards the repair work.

Since the discovery of the damage, we have incurred significant financial losses of earnings as well as legal and professional fees. Although we’re hopeful that the claim will be successful, it isn’t guaranteed, nor is the length of time of how long it will take.

We’re launching a crowdfunder to raise £100,000 to contribute towards repairing our beloved venues, enabling us to reopen this year. Every penny counts, and we have a variety of rewards available, to thank you for your generosity. This includes, t-shirts, tickets, dedication plaques and more.

If you can’t donate, please consider booking our Court Room, Holding Cell or Community Room for your next event as these have remained open and unaffected. Or, simply sharing this crowdfunder to your friends and family. Your support will massively help us whilst we navigate this difficult period.

Our Crowdfunder:

Thank You.