Meet our Sounding Board

The Old Courts is passionate about opening up our home to local voices. Our Sounding Board helps us to make the best work for the people in our local area.

Made up of 10 members who all live within the borough, they bring their lived experience, knowledge, and history of the area to help push our projects in the right direction. Brought together with the shared ambition to drive social change and improve community access to arts, this group encourages us to strive to provide a world class culture offer for the people of Wigan.

The board meets 6 times per year and is formed as part of the Moving Roots project.

Meet Charlie

Hi! I’m Charlie, an actor-musician and theatre maker currently living in Manchester. I grew up in a small village down south before moving and studying in Wigan for my Masters and through the pandemic, so I got a real feel for Wigan and the arts within it. Although a lot of my time was taken up by studying, being an acting student, I was immersed in the culture and art of the town.

As a theatre maker I am passionate about creating queer positive work for young audiences in the Northwest and making this work accessible. I am particularly passionate about bringing this theatre to town halls, museums and libraries; places that are accessible and breaking the access barriers of traditional theatre spaces.

I would love to see more of this work in Wigan and the surrounding towns as I think there is a space for engaging young audiences and their families in this type of work. However, due to funding and time restraints work like this tends to be dropped. It is really exciting to see the work that The Old Courts are doing, building the arts opportunities in Wigan and bringing new exciting work to the town.

I’m excited to be part of building new opportunities for people living in Wigan and can’t wait to see what happens!