Meet the cast of ‘What Do You See?’

The PappyShow presents, What Do You See? at The Turnpike Gallery, Leigh.

What Do You See? is a performance weaving words, song and movement that asks us all to consider the question – when you look at someone, What Do You See?

Supported via Moving Roots, this project has been generously supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation.  Moving Roots is a collective of arts organisations; Battersea Arts Centre, Restoke, Common Wealth, The Old Courts and Jumped Theatre, spanning across the UK.

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Hey I’m Nate! I am from Hornsey, North London.

For the past 10+ years I have travelled the world drumming and performing with various artists and groups of all levels, making a name for myself among the music scene across the London. I am currently a drummer and singer by trade but have found a new love for acting.

I have really enjoyed listening during this project. Being in a room with so many different people brings its challenges but hearing each other out and really getting an understanding of individuals backgrounds has been amazing. We get to celebrate each other and share sometimes intimate and personal moments.

I want audiences to leave with questions for themselves and the people around them. The PappyShow creates really thought provoking theatre and I’d love for people to take away the experiences of people that’s aren’t like them and really reflect on how different our lives realities are. I want people to be open minded and really see things as broadly as possible.


My name is Zhané Olurankinse but I go by Zha for short! I’m a singer, songwriter and musician who has been born and bred in Wigan but recently relocated to Leeds where I perform in venues across Yorkshire mainly!

I love singing, playing my guitar, writing songs and poems – and I’ve done this since being very young.

This project has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, by using movement and other art forms to express feelings that I would usually express with words and melodies alone. It has also helped me to delve into my own unconscious biases and learn more about myself and people around me who have both different and similar life experiences to me.

I think that people coming to see us in WDYS should expect to learn the same – and have their eyes opened to what makes us different but also inherently the same when all is stripped away. Also they should expect to laugh and have fun!



Hiya my name is Shaun Fallows, I’m an ultra talkative chap from Wigan.

My art-form is poetry and performance. That being said, like a footballer only testing the weaker foot, I’ve enjoyed more than just mixing with all the cast, It’s been great dipping into the art-forms others do and buzzing off each other trying new stuff like dancing and moving which has always been something I lacked self confidence in. I’d like people to take away from the show that I’m living a good life and most times not miserable about the position of disability. I’m blessed with words, humour and imagination. “Like yeah it’s cool it’s alright”


I grew up in Peterborough, but currently based in London.

I’m an actor and a film maker, working both on stage and in the front of the camera from West End shows to independent film.

I’ve enjoyed the mix of skills in the room – it’s so nice for a real combination of skills to be brought together from musicians, writers, poets, dancers etc.

I’d love for the audience to leave feeling curious and inspired to challenge their perceptions of different people and the world.



Hey there! My name is Helena (Helly) British-born, Bermudian-raised performer, creative, and journeyer.

Performing and creating have always been a massive part of my being and I believe it has truly shaped the woman I am today. Being a part of “What Do You See?” has challenged me to address my own unconscious biases, and encouraged me to formulate stories that amplify my voice as a black creative.

A highlight of this project has been the ability to connect, learn, and share with these amazing creatives. If you want to take some time to step outside of your reality and to see others from a different lens then “What Do You See?” is the show for you.


My name is Joyce Josiah, I’m from a small town called Tyldesley. My experience in performance started when I was in Zimbabwe, in primary school, as it’s tradition for kids to learn the tradition dances in school. From then on, I’ve performed whenever I can. My art form is mostly on traditional dances, teaching kids and performing at charity events.

I’ve enjoyed every single moment of being a part of this show, learning new things and us going out to eat which makes us feel more like family and when every individual opens up about how they feeling in that moment, it makes it more magical. I want the audience to really understand the meaning of everything and every word we are going to say and understand that yes in this world people still act and treat us differently no matter how we present ourselves someone will always share an opinion that we didn’t ask for.



Hello! I’m Lydia. I’m from Margate in Kent, so can usually be found by the sea, but I have family in Wigan and Leigh, so it’s been really special to spend some time here!

I got ‘the bug’ for theatre as a teenager, performing in am-dram plays alongside my Dad; then went on to join the National Youth Theatre and National Youth Music Theatre.  I trained in Actor-Musicianship, which combined my love for (you guessed it) acting and music, and now work mostly in theatre.

My favourite thing about working on ‘What Do You See?’ is the joy of collaborating with so many talented, lovely people. We’ve had a lot of fun! We’ve also had some challenging conversations, and I hope our performance inspires our audiences to start conversations of their own.


My name is Ruth Welch. I’m a local performer and creative from Wigan. I’m passionate about creating work for and with local communities and this certainly fits that bill.

I’ve worked with The Old Courts in various capacities over the years, most recently on another Moving Roots project, Epic Fail.

This is my first time working with The Pappy Show however, and it has been an absolute pleasure. I originally came on board as stage manager and am now also performing alongside this incredibly talented bunch of artists. I’m thoroughly enjoying sharing the space with them and exploring unconscious bias. There is so much passion and energy in the room, it’s infectious. 

I’m excited for people to see what we have created. It’s a really interesting topic which resonates with me. I’m very interested to see what audiences take away from it.