Your guide to getting married at The Old Courts

Congratulations on your engagement. Assuming that an engagement has happened and you’re not sat at home with a bottle of wine and crisps planning your perfect wedding, we see you. Now is the daunting task of planning it all to make your big day special for you and all your friends and family in attendance.

At The Old Courts we pride ourselves in making your journey as smooth as possible whilst delivering the best experience you deserve. We wanted to give you a step-by-step guide to booking a wedding.

1. So where do I begin?
First thing to consider, when is the magic date? Picking a date will help you in creating a timeline. Stuck on picking one date? Having some flexibility can have its benefits, from availability and discounts it’s certainly worth considering several dates.

2. A private tour awaits
You’ve got some dates in mind, give us a call on 01942 834747 or drop us an email. Our wonderful Jo will be happy to confirm our availability and arrange a private viewing for you to explore our Victorian Courtroom and envision your big day inside our walls. Feel free to ask as many questions as you have and remember there is no obligation to book at this stage and we want you to be happy and confident in your decision. During your visit we can discuss a variety of packages to accommodate a range of requirements. You can choose to proceed with the booking or have some time to consider, we recognise it’s a big decision but we’re confident we can deliver the most wonderful and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

3. Get Dressed
During your visit we will also discuss our wedding decor. We recommend our approved venue dresser Arrangements by Alex, however you are welcome to dress the venue yourself or provide an alternative venue dresser*.

4. Booked & Blessed
You’ve made the decision to secure your date and package with us. Congratulations, the ball is moving and your day is getting closer and closer. We will provide you with a booking form and our accounts team will be in touch regarding a deposit, we offer flexible payment solutions leading up to the final payment being made 2 months prior to the big date.

You’re on the list… but who else? It’s time to get those invites out, yes even to that one weird cousin everyone has. It’s best to have a confirmation on numbers as soon as possible to help you save money or invite other guests that might not have been on the first draft… we won’t tell.

6. Meet Your Wedding Coordinator
One of our lovely wedding coordinators will arrange a meeting 3 months prior to your booked date. This is where you can discuss your timetable for the day, menu choices and music. They will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

7. Forgot About Some Dietary Requirements For Guests?
No worries, you’ve been busy this happens, we reach out to you to confirm your final menu choices just to make sure.

8. Your Wedding
The big day is upon you, our Victorian Courtroom awaits your arrival. Enjoy your magical day in the comfort of our expertise in delivering an unforgettable experience and extraordinary memories. We hope you choose to celebrate your matrimony with us but we wish you all the best with your wedding arrangements.

If you’d like to find out more about weddings at The Old Courts please visit:

* The venue can be dressed from 9am on the day of the wedding and must pack down on the night of the event from 12am. Public liability insurance must be provided prior and all electronics must be PAT tested – Dressers must be on hand for the evening turnaround . Venue dressing is charged separately, unless stated otherwise and payable directly to the provider.