The Old Courts is much more than just a venue – We believe in giving every artist a chance to showcase their talent without stigma or prejudice.

Who is Rik Jones?

Rik Jones is a singer/songwriter from Wigan who has been making music since 2008 and who we have been supporting since 2015. Rik started his journey by playing in various pubs and at festivals around Wigan before The Old Courts existed. In Rik’s words:

“The open mic nights and jam sessions were the only options I had back then because there was nothing like The Old Courts around at the time.”

In 2015, Rik became the first artist with disabilities to perform at The Old Courts, and we have been championing his immense talent ever since.

How has The Old Courts supported Rik?

Our team was so impressed with the way Rik sounded, that he offered him a spot as a supporting artist to John Power from Cast when he played a solo gig here back in 2015. Rik told us:

“I grew up in the era of Britpop/indie rock – Oasis and Blur and all that - so it was an amazing opportunity to support somebody like John Power! It was a great feeling because it was the first time I’d ever supported anyone.”