The Collaborative Touring Network

We are a proud member of The Collaborative Touring Network, a national network of producers working in areas of cultural deprivation who are dedicated to providing access to the arts for everyone.

The Collaborative Touring Network (CTN) was formed in 2013, with the aim of developing a different way of touring.

Currently a collective of 5 organisations based in Wigan, Torbay, Thanet, Peterborough and Medway, CTN believes in the power and possibility of live performance.

Our towns and places have often been overlooked and under-resourced, but we believe every town deserves life-affirming, soul-shaking, perspective-changing shows, and we work with artists and communities to make this possible in our places.

We are currently seeking new partners to join our network. For more information head over to our Get Involved Section.


As a network, we support and develop artists locally and deliver two festivals a year packed with inspiring touring work, home-grown talent, music, workshops & feasts.

Occupying parks, community centres, boxing gyms and nightclubs; the network imagines new contexts for performances that inspire audiences and artists alike. To date we have presented work in over 170 different spaces.

We think touring live performance is most impactful when it is invited into places where community is already happening. We create local partnerships and put on shows in these unlikely spaces: from car parks, to nightclubs, rooftops to community centres.

We commit to working in ways that can contribute to a fairer, more inclusive society. A society in which access to cultural experiences and opportunities for creative expression are not limited by circumstance or context.


Shows that have toured with CTN previously include Christopher Brett Bailey’s This is How We Die, Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Ballad of the Burning Star, Victoria Melody’s Major Tom, The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey, Touretteshero’s Backstage in Biscuitland, Foreign Radical by Theatre Conspiracy, Ground Control by Non Zero One and Rendezvous in Bratislava by Miriam Sherwood.

Shows that toured as part of the Spring 2019 season of festival included Paper Cinema’s Macbeth, Lost Dog’s Juliet and Romeo, Caroline Williams & Reem Karssli Now is The Time to Say Nothing and FILSKIT THEATRE’s Kaleidoscope.

Our national partners:

Doorstep Arts

Doorstep Arts a non-profit arts education organisation based in Torbay. They run 14 drama groups across Torbay at key doorstep sites – youth clubs, church halls and schools. They are also the creative education company in residence at the Palace Theatre, Paignton. The young people who attend these groups range in age from 0-25. They write their own stories and songs, and they explore original ideas through drama process, play, and imagination. The groups provide safe educational spaces to experiment with what it means to be an artist and to explore your own voice.

The Old Courts

The Old Courts Based in Wigan are the lead partner of the network.

“At The Old Courts, our work is designed to introduce the arts into the lives of the people of Wigan and beyond and to enhance the experience of those who are engaged.

We are driven to CREATE a vibrant, supportive, risk-taking and strategic environment for artists to ENGAGE new and existing audiences and disconnected communities who we will help to INSPIRE change with unrivalled ambition.”


Looping the Loop

Looping the Loop was set up in 2012 by a consortium of producers based in Thanet. They make festivals, projects and pop up with their street theatre actors, creating mayhem, joy and beautiful contemporary live performance.

Jumped Up Theatre Company

Jumped Up Theatre Company based in Peterborough, has been producing theatre events around the UK since 1993, taking productions into pubs, churches, community gardens, museums and front-rooms, and quite a few theatres. The audience is at the heart of their work. They want to empower and enrich theatre-makers and audiences by curating a responsive programme of events, performances and opportunities that cultivates ambition, curiosity and vital communities.


Lyrici Arts

Lyrici Arts is a Medway based organisation which works in partnership with local organisations and authorities to address diversity inclusion via arts programming. Founded in 2016 by Keely Augustus, the name Lyrici means ‘ Of Literature, Art or Music, Expressing the writer’s emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.’

Touretteshero: Our New CTN Partner