King Street was once the hub of entertainment in Wigan, and a new project called Streets Apart intends to celebrate this history, uncover hidden stories, and kick start a cultural revival. Created by a consortium of 9 Wigan and Leigh based organisations on a mission to bring world-class cultural activity to King Street, Streets Apart is a three-year project supported by £120,000 investment from national funder Historic England.

Over three years, this locally-rooted programme will commission artists, local creative partners & community groups to co-create unique street art, podcasts outdoor performance and more, culminating in a celebratory festival for the whole community in 2023.

Image Courtesy of Archives: Wigan & Leigh


4 artists have been commissioned to work alongside local creative partners and community groups, to co-create unique multi-artform projects on King Street.

These commissions mark the beginning of Streets Apart, a cultural programme that seeks to unearth and celebrate diverse histories and imagine a different future for King Street, through artist-and-community led projects.

In September 2022, the first set of artwork was installed on King Street.


Ciara Leeming
Rebecca May
Julie McKiernan & Corrie Shelley
Steve Fairclough & Northern Heart Films
Andee Collard

Our Consortium

  • Anne Woolley, Wigan Little Theatre

    WLT is a voluntary organisation run by and for anyone interested in providing high quality, wide-ranging, traditional and innovative theatre, accessible to all. WLT has contributed to the cultural life in the borough for over 75 years and believes that everyone can benefit from involvement in the arts, whatever form they choose. We welcome volunteers with skills on stage, back stage, front of house, technical and administrative.

    “The Streets Apart project is a platform to encourage participation in the arts which will lead to awareness about Wigan’s long history in entertainment. It will open up memories of the past and how our town has always valued ‘having a good night out’. It will also inspire us to revive and develop our view of how we continue to enjoy ourselves well into the next decades.”


  • Clare Kenyon, Wigan Local History and Heritage Society

    WLHHS promote and help to maintain an interest in the rich heritage and history of Wigan, initiating and encouraging research and also raising awareness and campaigning publicly on issues where heritage is at risk. The society’s aim is to excite and engage people of all ages to discover and preserve Wigan heritage by bringing it to life creatively for the present and future generations of Wigan.


    “We are pleased to be part of the King Street Project and look forward to the new awakening of this important historic area of the town.”


    Facebook: @wiganhistoryandheritage

    Twitter: @wiganlocalhist1

  • Martin Green, Healthy Arts Theatre

    Healthy Arts is a not-for-profit organisation of North West arts professionals who deliver workshops and events using heritage and the arts to improve peoples’ lives.

    “It is a very exciting time for culture and the arts in Wigan and we are looking forward to bringing fresh creativity to King Street by sharing our skills within the cultural programme that is Streets Apart!”


    Facebook @HealthyArts

  • Elise Williamson, Stolen Thread Productions CIC

    Elise is a company Director of Stolen Thread located at The Way Theatre/Studio in Leigh Spinners Mill. As a theatre/film/events producer she aims to support her hometown in bringing high quality art through the medium of the performing arts. She is currently studying Creative Events Management at AUB but continues to run her business locally and works nationally on a range of projects from theatre productions to widely known music festivals.

    “It’s an honour to be part of such a large project, supporting our community to revive the arts in the Wigan and Leigh Borough on such a huge scale. Truly amazing!”

    Facebook: The Way Theatre/Studio

    Facebook: Stolen Thread Productions CIC 

  • Neil Linford, Wigan Building Preservation Trust

    Wigan Building Preservation Trust is a charity formed in 2016 with an objective to record and preserve the historical, architectural and constructional heritage structures in and around Wigan. The Trust maintains close links with the Wigan World and the Local History and Heritage Websites.

    “King St has been the barometer of the fortune of Wigan for almost two centuries, I am pleased have been given an opportunity to get involved in this project which may help to reinstate the Street as a ‘shop window’ for the town.“

  • Nikki Varley,  Wigan Youth Zone

    Nikki is Deputy Head at Wigan Youth Zone and also part of the local cultural education partnership. Nikki has worked in the arts sector as a musician, songwriter and facilitator for 10 years. She is passionate about all young people having access to the arts, to high quality facilities and opportunities and creating pathways into creative industries.

     “I’m really excited about the streets apart project, I think it will be great for Wigan and another example of Wigan’s pioneering approach to culture and community”

    Twitter: @NikkiWYZ @WiganYouthZone

    Facebook: Wigan Youth Zone

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